Dry Creek Bed

Surface drainage is very useful in removing excess water from land in a controlled manner.

Surface water drainage can be very beneficial, especially for areas which receive heavy amounts of annual rainfall. Keeping certain areas of land free of excessive water can aid in the prevention of erosion, which can cause serious property damage. Not only that, but drainage systems also help to prevent and control flooding. The most common cause of flooding is improper water drainage.

Surface drains are an absolute must if the area is flat since water pooling could potentially cause problems in an area that has a lot of precipitation. This can be done around buildings, walkways or driveways to keep water flowing away from the structure.

Common Types of Surface Drainage Systems

  • Ditch
  • Dry Creek Beds
  • Grassy Waterway
  • Swales

Jim from Lees Summit Mo said..

"I had water coming up in my yard and couldn't figure out where it was coming from. John and his crew came out and installed a french drain and I no longer have standing water in my yard"

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