French Drain

Subsurface drainage systems are commonly used in areas where soil will not drain quickly on its own.

The general idea behind subsurface drains is that they are placed beneath the top layer of soil. This removes excess water from soil at the root level that has become water logged. If roots sit in water too long, they will begin to deteriorate and eventually the plant or tree will perish from too much water. The process to install subsurface drains requires digging deep ditches and installing pipes underground. A large collector drain must also be installed so the water can be collected from the pipes. In most areas, a sump pump will also be required in order to push the water through the pipes. These can cause disruptions in the soil and the natural aeration of the soil as well as plant respiration. This is also known as the French drain.

Common Types of Sub-Surface Drainage Systems

  • Corrugated and PVC pipe
  • French Drains
  • Trench Drains
  • Storm Drains

Joseph from Lenexa Ks said

"I Highly recommend John Marr and his crew for drainage problems. They were on time everyday, pleasant to deal with and affordable. They explained all work being performed, and made we knew what was going on. Would use in the future. They did a French Drain along the side of our house to the street and now we have no more flooding on the side foundation. Thanks John!"...

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