Poor drainage can ruin your property and cause flooding and other issues with your foundation.

If a structure is built with the property sloping toward the foundation, or if the boundary lines for the property are sloped downward toward the home or business, water will seep downhill and pool up next to the foundation. When this happens, the moisture will eventually seep into the soil and will ultimately find its way into the basement. Water is known for always finding the path of least resistance and this is precisely what it will do.

We do finished yard grades, barn pads, sod preparation, land clearing and in ground or above ground swimming pool site preparation.

Ralph from Leawood Ks said...

"I needed my yard dug up and graded due to erosion problems from all the snow and rain we had last year. John Marr Bobcat did a wonderful job on my property. We would recommend them and will use them on our next big project outside"..

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