Many homes and businesses are built on land with awkward slopes and hills.

If your home or business is built on property with sloping issues, we can help you design a retaining wall to improve the usability of your property while adding aesthetic value.

A retaining wall is a carefully engineered system designed stabilize slopes and prevent soil or gravel from eroding or sliding downward into other areas. A properly designed retaining wall can transform an otherwise unusable area into a functional space. Planning and design of a retaining wall are essential.

Judy and Bob from Harrisonville Mo said.

"John Marr built a beautiful new retaining wall for us on the side yard. The first contractor that came out wanted to use old railroad ties to do the job for around $5000. When john came out he told us we would prefer a solid stone wall that would be nearly unmovable and would never need replacing. Even though the cost was higher ($7500) We took his advice and love our new landscape. Our appraiser said we would get back the value we put in if we ever sell" We love our new wall, especially at night with all the lighting we installed afterward. We are very happy with the outcome!"..

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