gravel building pad

With any residential or commercial building, the most important thing is its foundation, or pad.

If you need a new home site, building site, or construction location prepared we can help. Whether you are clearing and leveling a spot for a house, mobile home, barn, office, or building new construction. Whether you need dirt, gravel, rock or sand hauled in, we can help you compact, move or level on site and provide the proper finish grade around the your structure.

John Marr Excavation Service has the experience to properly prepare your location. A proper site pad development is essential as it helps ensure that your slab is properly installed and protected, has a solid compacted area that will not shift, is level and is raised above the surrounding area to keep water from collecting around or entering your home or business.

Jerry from Olathe KS said..

"John came out and built a gravel pad for a new building we plan to add on our farm. They did the job quick and the price was right. Good group of workers. Fast and easy going"..

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